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7 Reasons I’ll Never Shoot JPEG Again

7 Reasons I'll Never Shoot JPEG Again

When I first started taking digital photos I had no idea what the difference between JPEG and raw was, but now I know I’m never going back to shoot JPEG in-camera for these specific seven reasons. On the whole, most photographers attempt to shoot raw format wherever possible. That is, the lossless image file that your camera automatically generates stores extra metadata related to the color, brightness, and more of said photograph. However, there are still some that shoot JPEG in-camera through either ignorance or necessity. I won’t be getting too technical or scientific with my approach to this subject, rather I’ll be going on real-life experience and what I’ve found in my time as a full-time photographer. I find giving a real-world approach to pixel-peeping such as studying JPEG compression issues is actually more useful than analyzing hard data, even though I adore the process and application of […]

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