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5 Creative Editing Tips All Photographers Should Know

5 Creative Editing Tips All Photographers Should Know

Video of 5 Creative Portrait Editing Tips with Oveck The way you edit your work can be the difference between a good and a great image. Master these five creative tips to take your photography to the next level. Sometimes the smallest tweak to an image can have the biggest of impacts. Be that changing the colors, adjusting the framing, or playing with one of the many other attributes that go into making a photograph. This week, the team over at B&H Photo Video are back once again with another insightful video on this very subject with portrait photographer Oveck . While these tips are geared towards portrait photography, the concepts explored are much more universal and should be taken advantage of by all photographers. Oveck starts by talking about creating harmony with colors and how small adjustments to the hues of a particular color can transform an image. […]

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