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20 ways to get more from your wideangle lenses

20 ways to get more from your wideangle lenses

For part two of our lens tips special, we look at wideangle lenses. Wideangle lenses let you squeeze more into the image than we can see, and Angela Nicholson shows you how to get the best from them. 1 How wide should you go? Lenses are classed as wideangle optics when they capture a wider angle of view than we see with our naked eyes. Our eyes are equivalent to a lens with a focal length of around 43mm on a full-frame camera or 28mm on an APS-C format model, so any lens shorter than that is a wideangle. 35mm lenses and their APS-C format equivalent (23mm) are very popular for a wide range of photography genres, but especially street. Landscape photographers tend to prefer something a bit wider still, perhaps 24mm or 21mm, or occasionally even shorter. Corrected 12-24mm lenses are also popular, however uncorrected fisheye lenses that […]

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